Southsea aquarium to say goodbye to shark

A GIANT tropical shark is leaving the Blue Reef Aquarium to be partnered with a female.

Rodney, a two-metre zebra shark, is heading off to a Cheshire aquarium to be put with Dotty.

Rodney, who measured 35cm when he first arrived at the Southsea attraction in 2011, is fully mature and it is hoped he will partner with Dotty at the Blue Planet Aquarium near Chester.

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Hannah Butt, from the aquarium, said: ‘We’ll obviously be sad to say goodbye, but it’s a very exciting opportunity.

‘We looked after Dotty for several years when she was a youngster and so it’s fitting that we’re now providing her with a potential new partner.’

Zebra sharks get their name from the striped patterns they have as juveniles. These develop into spots as they grow, giving them their other name of leopard sharks.

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