Southsea house 'extensively' damaged by fire in the early hours of the morning

A TERRACED house in Southsea has been badly damaged by a fire in the early hours of this morning.

Firefighters at the scene in the early hours. Picture: Callum Slater
Firefighters at the scene in the early hours. Picture: Callum Slater

Three crews from Southsea Fire Station were called to a blaze at a property in Fawcett Road at 3.57am. 

Nobody was inside the house and crews had to smash a window and remove the front door to get inside. 

A station spokesman said the entire property has been damaged by the fire, which was ‘well developed’ when crews arrived and was out by 5.30am. 

Firefighters at the scene in the early hours. Picture: Callum Slater

Callum Slater lives next door to the house and awoke shortly before 4am because of the drama. 

‘I was woken up by fire alarms then two young lads passing by were banging on my door to let me know next door was on fire,' the 27-year-old said. 

‘It was quite shocking because I have never been involved in something like that before.

‘Once the fire brigade showed up, the incident commander assessed the house – all the windows were black and you could see flames on the inside.

Police have cordoned the property off. Picture: Callum Slater

‘But they cordoned it off and were ready to go inside within five minutes.’

The blaze was called in by a passer-by who saw smoke billowing from the property and felt the front door was hot. 

A police cordon has now been put up outside and it is understood police remain at the scene. 

Speaking of the damage to the property, Mr Slater said: ‘It seems to be quite extensive.

‘Looking in the front door, which had been taken off its hinges, it’s all blackened and stuff is peeling off the walls and ceilings.’

He added: ‘There was a lot of smoke inside my house.

‘There's a police car on the scene now and an officer has just been asking people questions about what happened.' 

Crews put the blaze out using two jets, a hosereel and four breathing apparatus.  

The News has approached Hampshire Constabulary for comment. 


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