Splash park shut in Portsmouth after nappies block toilets

NAPPIES blocked toilets at a splash park causing waste to flow into the water being used by young children, a mother has claimed.

Tuesday, 16th August 2016, 5:41 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:36 pm
The splash park at Hilsea Picture: Paula Littlefield

Shocked mother Paula Littlefield spotted orange-looking water at the Portsmouth City Council-run park in Hilsea this afternoon when her children went into the water.

The splash park was shut at around 2pm to get cleaners in.

Paula, 27, of Fratton, told youngsters Jordan Moore, nine, and Nancy Littlefield, three, to get out the water as she saw misty clouds floating in the water.

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The horrified mother-of-two also saw urine and excrement overflowing out of the toilets on the site. She claims this led to the waste overflowing into the pool.

She told The News: ‘The whole of it is orange with bits of floating diarrhoea.

‘I quickly got them out thinking lets go to another bit of the park.

‘We told people but they were sitting there.

‘The whole of it was orangey-yellow. There’s wee and excrement floating up through the drains into the splash pool

‘You can’t go in the toilet as it’s flooding out the toilet.’

Paula said her children were upset after being told to get out the pool.

‘They were crying really upset because they had to get out,’ she said.

Other families stayed in the splash park despite Paula’s warnings.

Maintenance workers have visited the park to clean it up.

David Evans, Portsmouth City Council’s leisure and sports facilities manager said: ‘Hilsea splash pool gets busy on hot sunny days and we want this popular venue open for everyone to enjoy.

‘Cleaning crews are on site to make sure toilets are working properly, because there have been issues where nappies were flushed away rather than put in the appropriate bins provided.’

Water quality at the park is tested three times a day.

Councillor Scott Harris, ward member for Hilsea, said parents needed to take responsibility and not flush nappies.

He said: ‘The splash pool has been closed, we’ve had to do some work to ensure it re-opens.

‘We’re urging all parents to take responsibility and enjoy the facility.’

Neither Cllr Harris or the council could confirm if the splash park itself had been contaminated.

Cllr Harris said it was due to re-open tomorrow at around 11am following checks by council workers.

Sabrina Richards, from Hilsea Lido pool for the People, said the lido was not affected and remained open.