Spreading a little joy with lots of beautiful bouquets

YOU may soon notice bunches of flowers springing up in unexpected place.

Tuesday, 25th April 2017, 6:06 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:51 pm
Alice Taylor, Val Hockley and her granddaughter Ellie Hockley and Sandy Mitchell from Fareham Flower Club at a previous event. They are all taking part in the Lonely Bouquet Campaign

On Friday, May 5, Fareham Flower Club members will be aiming to cheer up those feeling down by taking part in the Lonely Bouquet Campaign.

Those with a passion for flowers will be trying to spread a bit of joy across Fareham, Titchfield, Portchester, Whiteley, Stubbington and Hill Head by leaving bouquets scattered around the area for unsuspecting people to find.

The Lonely Bouquets are symbols of kind gestures from strangers to strangers, where their only purpose is to make someone’s day.

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For one day a year thousands of people leave splendid bouquets in public places with a kind note attached.

The flowers can be from the bottom of your garden or bought from the supermarket.

Val Hockley, the chairwoman of Fareham Flower Club said: ‘We’ve taken part in the Lonely Bouquet campaign for the past four or five years.

‘We’ve seen the event has got more popular over the years.

‘It’s so nice to make such a difference to someone’s day. Ten of us will be going out to give out bouquets with notes on saying “Please pick me up”.

‘Some of the feedback we’ve got has been really touching.’

The Lonely Bouquets event will also be celebrated by members of NAFAS, the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies.

NAFAS has almost 60 clubs across the country. Joan Gittens, is vice-chairwoman of NAFAS.

She said: ‘The idea is to share our love for flowers and spread awareness for NAFAS.

‘Last year the Lonely Bouquet stories reached Canada. It made a day trip to Salisbury well worth it.

‘It really does help people. They tell you they’re having a bad time right now and the bouquets cheer them up.

‘The best thing about NAFAS is the friendships – it’s really given me so much joy.’

For more information go to nafas.org.uk.