STEVE POWER: Where did I stash those old euros?

In case you didn't know, today is officially the day that you should start searching your house for the foreign currency (usually euros) that you brought back from your holiday last year, in order to take it on holiday this year. You have to start the search today, because it's going to take you so long to remember where you put it that you need to allow yourself at least three to four weeks in order to find it. In all probability it'll be in the second drawer down of the last storage unit in your house that you look in. Also there'll never be as much as you thought there was either, just to warn you!

Monday, 4th July 2016, 2:40 pm
Updated Monday, 4th July 2016, 3:41 pm
It's time to dig out that old holiday money, wherever it might be hidden

n The BBC has announced that ′Casualty′ is to mark its 30th anniversary in August with a feature-length 90 minute episode. Is anyone else thinking that the show will be exactly the same as normal but they’ll just add on an extra half an hour that everyone waits to the end to see?

n If the next general election ends up being a battle between Jeremy Corbyn and Michael Gove, it’ll basically be a battle between two blokes who look a bit like Geography teachers. Maybe if there’s a debate TV show between them we should just decide who to vote for based on whoever gives the best answer to a question about longshore drift?

n If you try buying a modern watch, you’ll never find it described as a watch. It has to be called a digital chronograph. I even saw one advertised the other day that was described as a digital chronograph that is the ultimate survival tool because it also contained a barometer and compass. Can you just go back to calling them watches please? If I want a digital chronograph that’s the ultimate survival tool, I’ll buy a watch with some Kendal Mint Cake attached to it thanks very much.

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n Why do so many people only ever try on one shoe when they go to a shoe shop? And why do they then walk up and down doing a silly walk with one shoe on, when they’re trying to decide whether to buy them? It’s like they’re saying: “I wonder if these shoes are good for only wearing one at a time and doing silly walks in? They are? Good – I’ll take them!”

People are weird.