THIS WEEK IN 1972: Lazy Portchester grandad won£1,500 for invention

A Portchester grandfather who said he was '˜basically lazy' was awarded £1,500 for an invention '“ the highest award ever made, to date, by the Civil Service for a departmental staff suggestion.

William Blogg, 65, of Cornaway Lane had already been awarded the British Empire Medal, largely in connection with his invention.

It was a device used by Ordnance Survey, for whom Mr Blogg worked, to help turn aerial photographs into accurate maps.

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Known as an analogue tilt analyser, it worked out the amount by which an aircraft-borne camera was tilted when any particular photograph was taken. Once the tilt was determined, the photograph would then be ‘rectified’ to produce a map section economically.

An Ordnance Survey spokesmon in Southampton said: ‘At present, we are making about 25,000 rectifications a year and the tilt analyser is now saving about £60,000 annually.’

Mr Blogg, a former warrant officer in the Royal Engineers, was attached to Ordnance Survey during his army service.

He credited his invention to ‘a love of making things and basic laziness.’