THIS WEEK IN 1973: Royal Yacht Britannia sails for honeymoon

The Royal Yacht BritanniaThe Royal Yacht Britannia
The Royal Yacht Britannia
Setting sail from Portsmouth, the Royal Yacht Britannia embarked on the open ocean to prepare for the honeymoon cruise of recently married Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips.

The pair met their transport in Barbados, where they spent 18 days sightseeing aboard the vessel.

The Royal Yacht followed a secret route among the palm-fringed islands of the Caribbean, to the Panama Canal and Ecuador.

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From there, the honeymoon went public, as the couple journeyed 1,100 miles through the north-west corner of South America, including Columbia, which lasted eight days.

Proceedings later drew to a close when the royals boarded a commerical flight from Antigua to London.