Tower block residents voice concerns over safety

TOWER block residents have spoken of their concerns following the city council's decision to remove cladding from Somers Town's Leamington House and Horatia House.

Saturday, 24th June 2017, 7:01 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:09 am
Carla Saunders

Alex Finney, 27, decided to return to her home on the 16th floor at Leamington House after living with her mother since the fire at Grenfell Tower in London.

Speaking as she went into the block with her daughter Tallulah, seven, Alex said: ‘It’s a good thing that they’ve actually thought about us for a change, not just left it.

‘When I saw the fire I felt awful. I’ve stayed at my mum’s ever since. It’s the thought of it happening.

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‘I’m on the 16th floor with my daughter.

‘I saw on Facebook about two people (fire marshals) going to be in here 24 hours a day.

‘That does make me feel much better. I still feel a bit uneasy about it though.’

Carla Saunders, 40, moved into Leamington House yesterday.

The mother-of-six said: ‘I’m quite happy – I’ve only just moved in.

‘I’ve got six kids and live on the 12th floor. To see the cladding coming off, I’m quite happy.

‘What happened in London, it was devastating.

‘If it happened here we would have been in the same situation.

‘The higher you are, the less chance you’ve got of coming out.’

A resident called Lee, aged 41, moved into neighbouring Horatia House about 11 years ago.

He said: ‘I live on the 14th floor. I love it here.

‘However, this cladding should have been checked when refurbishments were made to the building.’

He said he feared the cost of replacing cladding at Horatia House could affect residents’ bills.

He said: ‘I wonder when my rent is going up.’