Jaguar car crashes into four parked vehicles in Portsmouth

Crash in Magdalen Road in Portsmouth on July 2Crash in Magdalen Road in Portsmouth on July 2
Crash in Magdalen Road in Portsmouth on July 2
A CAR smashed into four parked vehicles last night in Portsmouth causing one to mount the pavement.

The incident in Magdalen Road, North End, just before midnight last night resulted in the vehicle ploughing into four cars – causing the driver’s car to lose its wheel.

Police and ambulance were called to the scene but no one was seriously hurt.

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The driver was male, thought to be in his twenties, and had a female passenger alongside him in the vehicle. She was left dazed on the side of the road.

The road was blocked off for a couple of hours.

A Hampshire police statement said: ‘We were called shortly after midnight to reports of a collision involving five vehicles in Magdalen Road, Portsmouth.

‘It involved a Jaguar and four parked cars, a Nissan, Toyota, Vauxhall and VW.

‘One woman, a passenger in the Jaguar, was taken to QA for treatment to an injured wrist.

‘The driver of the Jaguar, a 25-year-old man from Portsmouth, has been reported for summons to court for using a motor vehicle on a road without third party insurance.’