Tragedy-hit family of Aaron Bache thanks community for rallying round

HEARTBROKEN family members of a teenager who died while riding his motorbike have praised the community for supporting them in their hour of need.

Monday, 11th March 2019, 8:19 am
Updated Monday, 11th March 2019, 9:20 am
Dozens of flowers were placed close to where Aaron died in Grange Road, Gosport. Photo: Habibur Rahman

Aaron Bache, of Bridgemary, died on Thursday afternoon when he crashed into a lamp post in Grange Road, Gosport, with family members saying he suffered a catastrophic chest injury that led to heart attack.

The popular 19-year-old bar worker’s death rocked the area and sparked a huge outpouring of grief, with dozens of flowers left at the crash site.

Incredibly, a fundraiser to pay for Aaron’s funeral drummed up more than £3,250 worth in donations in just two days.

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Dozens of flowers were placed close to where Aaron died in Grange Road, Gosport. Photo: Habibur Rahman

Now, his grieving mother, Julia has paid tribute to the community that has rallied around to care for her devastated family.

‘The support has been immense,’ said Julia, speaking out for the first time since her son’s death. ‘Everyone wants to do something to help. I can’t believe it.’

Julia said she wept inconsolably when police turned up at her work to break the horrific news of her Aaron’s death.

‘I knew something straight away was wrong,’ said the 49-year-old, of Rowner Lane, Bridgemary. ‘I kept saying, “please don’t tell me, please don’t tell me”.

Aaron Bache pictured with Grace Welton

‘Then he came out and said “I’m sorry, your son Aaron is dead”.

‘My world just stopped and it has started up again. It’s like everyone is moving on with their lives but I’m just stuck.

‘I don’t remembering leaving the office. I can’t remember how I came to my parents’ home.’

Julia said she was close to her sons and that she loved Aaron deeply, describing him as ‘one of her best friends’ who she loved to ‘party and dance’ with.

Friends and family pay tribute to Aaron Bache at Grange Road, Gosport where he died. Photo: Habibur Rahman.

His younger brother Marc, 16, said he has been torn apart by the death of his beloved sibling.

‘I was the closest to Aaron,’ he said. ‘He wasn't just my brother he was my best mate. We did everything together.

‘I've not just lost Aaron I've lost half of myself and I'll never be the same again.’

Julia said she has been trying to be ‘brave for her boys’ but added losing Aaron had pushed her close to breaking point.

Happier times: Aaron Bache, left, pictured with his mother, Julia Bache, 49, and younger brother Marc Bache, 16.

‘My boy was 19 – the pain inside me is just immense,’ she said. ‘It won’t go. You’re not supposed to bury your son. I don’t know how I will go on.’

The family is planning Aaron’s funeral. Julia has now spoken out warning other young people to be careful when riding on motorbikes in a bid to spare other families the torment and heartache she has experienced.

‘I’m good a helping and fixing things,’ said Julia. ‘But I can't help Aaron.

‘I can't mend him – my boy is gone and there is nothing I can do.

'He was so handsome, a one-of-a-kind character, who was fearless to the core.

'His future would have been amazing but now it's been destroyed and we're broken.

'We don't know how we're going to move on from this.'