Wightlink Ferry goes viral after posting spoof ASMR Tik Tok

Wightlink Ferries has reached nearly 850,000 views on its Tik Tok account after posting a hilarious spin off video.
Wight Ryder I in PortsmouthWight Ryder I in Portsmouth
Wight Ryder I in Portsmouth

The video is a spoof on an ASMR Tik Tok promoting a Mercedes.

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The Tik Tok post said: “Come jump on a ferry to the Isle of Wight, you know you want to...”

A spokesperson for Wightlink Ferries said: “TikTok star Fern is part of Wightlink's marketing team and previously worked in retail, so customers might have seen her serving teas and coffees onboard the ferries. Fern and colleague Lisa were inspired by fellow TikTok user Tyler Butterworth, who posted his own version with military vehicles.”

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