Trump wins - Facebook reacts

News that Donald Trump had won the US election was met with surprise on Facebook this morning.

Wednesday, 9th November 2016, 8:42 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 5:02 pm
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Trump claimed victory over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton shortly before 8am UK time.

Reader’s took to The News Facebook page to voice their surprise at the result, with mixed reactions over the win.

Jody Simnor said: ‘I’m busy trying to convince myself that it’s April 1st!’

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Grainne Athorn said: ‘I‘m conflicted between thinking this is the worst day ever and wanting to see Trump try and implement his ridiculous policies.’

Mary Mosedale said: ‘The world has gone mad!! It’s just one big joke.’

Some had harsher words to share, such as Sarah Newman who said: ‘Absolutely terrifying. Racist, delusional womaniser, with the most powerful job in the world.’

Mary Britton added: ‘And, apparently all the emigration phone lines in America are blocked with Americans wanting to leave American if Trump wins.’

Ric Mullins said: ‘Fortunately, none of his policies will be implemented. He has to have them approved by the Senate etc. No chance.’

However, Trump did find support, with some agreeing with the millions of American’s who voted Trump into the White House.

Jo Truman said: ‘Best news ever. It’s delicious seeing the lefty liberals going in to meltdown. Today will be a fun day. Congratulations, President Trump!’

Andy Pearson said: ‘The left love a democracy write up until they lose.’

Stephen Sackett said: ‘In Donald we trust.’