WATCH: Love Your Local - The King Street Tavern

Tucked down a quiet street in Southsea is the much-loved pub The King Street Tavern, which last month marked Sean Marshall and his silent partner's first year as owners.

The pair put the pub and brewery through a £180,000 renovation while keeping its impressive features, instilling it’s tagline as ‘Southsea’s hidden gem’.

Sean, from Portsmouth, began his career in Southsea pubs and bars but then spent 20 years out of the industry before he discovered The King Street Tavern up for sale.

And one thing the team is passionate about is food.

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Sean said: ‘We’re the only genuine BBQ and smokehouse in Southsea.

People travel from across the UK to try our food.’

One meal that Sean takes very seriously is the Sunday roast.

He said: ‘Our chefs are fantastic and take this seriously.

‘We start preparing the gravy days before hand, letting it reduce over time.’

‘We don’t cut corners. Local producers are fantastic so we’re all about natural, delicious and locally-sourced ingredients. We all have to support each other.’

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The pub’s other focus is to provide a wide range of craft ales and beers and have strong ties with local breweries.

Sean said: ‘Getting involved with the community and local businesses – it’s how a business should be.

‘They all offer a superb service and support us tremendously. We’ve had visits from The Beer Musketeer, Staggeringly Good and The Spice Island Inn to name a few.’

The pub offers a diverse mix of music including an eight-piece Irish band, blues, acoustic music and open mic nights.

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‘We try to create food that goes synonymously with the soulful music,’ Sean said.

‘When it all comes together it creates a phenomenal atmosphere.’

The team marked their anniversary with a mini beer festival, showcasing some of the great local craft beers and ales on offer.

Next on the agenda for Sean includes getting involved in festivals, signing up with UberEats – a service which delivers food to locals – offering a smoked and pre-cooked BBQ pack with takeaway beers, and a new menu.

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‘We’re looking at dishes of all sizes from smoked, pulled chicken or salmon to small belly pork cubes in honey and butter,’ he added.

The team is also looking to build an upstairs dining area.

Speaking about the trade generally, Sean said: ‘These are uncertain times, pubs shutting down monthly but with support from the locals things are on the up.’