Watch: Man plays cruellest Valentine’s Day trick on Portsmouth girlfriend

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This is the moment that love-struck Pompey girl Jenny Davies fell victim to the cruellest Valentine’s Day trick.

She was overwhelmed when her boyfriend Brad Holmes dropped to one knee before her and told her he had to ask her a vital question.

Brad Holmes and  Jenny Davies

Brad Holmes and Jenny Davies

Shaking with anticipation as he produces a small white box, she wait for what she thinks will be a wonderfully-romantic proposal - only to be asked for a cup of tea instead.

We’ve deleted her reply from the video! It was recorded by Matt and posted on his Facebook page.


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The couple have already made headlines through a video posted on social media.

Last month 22-year-old Jenny, a former City of Portsmouth Girls’ School pupil who lives in Fratton, was filmed by 24-year-old Brad, a window cleaner from Southampton, giving offbeat answers to general knowledge questions.