WATCH: YouTube prankster Zac Alsop tries to jump queue at Portsmouth's Spinnaker TowerÂ

A YouTube prankster tried a variety of methods to jump the queue at Portsmouth's Spinnaker tower.Â

Zac Alsop, famous for sneaking backstage during the McGregor vs Mayweather fight, attempted to skip the wait to get into one of the city's most popular attractions. 

The YouTuber had been tasked with jumping the queue at the Spinnaker Tower for a video by travel website TripAdvisor. 

In the footage Mr Alsop tries a variety of different methods including getting consent to queue jump, confusing people in the queue and just walking through '“ much to the bemusement of those already in line. 

The video was released today, as Tripadvisor announces new research shows that queue jumping is on the rise with young people in Portsmouth. 

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With one in five 18-24 year olds '“ Generation Z '“  in our city and the South East admitting that they purposefully cut in line. 

Yet despite this behaviour becoming more common in the UK, it still provokes strong reactions from other queuers, especially among the Baby Boomer generation who take more pride in observing British queuing etiquette.

More than two thirds '“ 67 per cent '“ of Baby Boomers consider queue cutting the height of bad manners, compared to more than a quarter '“ 28 per cent - of Gen Z.

Baby Boomers are also twice as likely to confront a queue jumper in the act than they are to let it slide '“ 31 per cent v 15 per cent.

This is in stark contrast to Gen Z, with more than a third of 18-24 year olds taking a '˜no worries' attitude to someone cutting in front of them '“ 35 per cent - compared to only a quarter '“ 25 per cent - who would confront the queue jumper.

With peak holiday season in full swing, and the hot weather likely to boost visitor numbers to UK attractions, the prospect of being caught in the middle of an awkward queue confrontation are greater than ever this summer.

Yet, only one in five attraction visitors in the UK heed advice to book ahead '“ even though many of the busiest attractions offer Skip The Line ticket options that can be booked in advance on sites like TripAdvisor and which allow you to skip the queues altogether.

For example, the Coca-Cola London Eye, where queues can exceed one hour during peak times, offers a Skip The Line ticket option that lets you bypass the queues and can be booked on TripAdvisor for as little as £33.30.

Similar ticket options are available across the UK at sites like Warwick Castle, Spinnaker Tower and Edinburgh Castle.

Hayley Coleman, TripAdvisor spokeswoman (and serial queue skipper) offered this advice to Brits planning a day trip this summer:

'˜The British love of queuing is a cliché we all know, but in truth most of us hate being stuck in a queue '“ yet we spend two to three days a year waiting in line.

'˜We know people from the South East are fed up with queuing, so if you want to save time and skip a queue this summer, the message is simple: book online, and in advance.

'˜This is easier to do than many people think - TripAdvisor has more than 100,000 experiences, tours and activities available to book online'“ and you'll even avoid the wrath of the dreaded hard stare from your fellow queuers.'