What would you spend £1m on if you were winner? Seach for the winning £1m Havant Lotto ticket starts

A National Lottery ticket bought in Havant has scooped £1m - but its owner has not claimed the prize. Reporter JACK BOULTON asked people what they would spend the cash on if they had won.

Saturday, 21st May 2016, 6:32 am
It will be champagne time for someone in Havant

FROM trips to the Maldives to houses with swimming pools, people in Havant have plenty of ideas about what they would splash their cash on if their lucky numbers came up.

Barbara Aarons, from Havant, said: ‘First of all I’d make sure those closest to me were well looked after, then I’d treat myself to a new house in Havant and then I’d help out the local hospital with some new equipment.’

The search is still on for the owner of the winning ticket after it was announced that the ticket was purchased in the borough of Havant and Barbara is hopeful it could be her.

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Barbara Aarons, left, and Margaret Bond

She said: ‘I’ve got a ticket sitting at home so technically I could be a millionaire – imagine that.’

Postman Bob White, from Emsworth was less extravagant and said he would be happy enough to cut his hours down.

He joked: ‘If I won a million quid I’d pack in my overtime at the post office on Saturday’s.’

Sharon Shepherd, owner of the Six Bells on North Street had plans for a makeover of the pub as well as having her eyes on a trip to the Maldives.

Avril Beeson

‘I’d spend a bit of money on the pub and do it up just how I want it and then I’d be off on holiday.’

Avril Beeson said: ‘I’d give a load to The Rowans Hospice to help them out and then I’d go to Canada to visit my son.’

Holidays seemed to be high up on most people’s agenda on a cloudy day in Havant.

Other people agreed that they’d be heading off if they were the winners of the £1m Lotto Millionaire Raffle prize.

Barbara Aarons, left, and Margaret Bond

‘We’d pack our bags and be jetting off first thing tomorrow morning, or we might even get on the next ship from Portsmouth,’ joked one husband and wife as they were out shopping.

The winning ticket has the code PLUM 8136 0840 with the lucky player having until 31 October to claim their prize.

And another man said: ‘It’s an awful lot of money, I’d probably get a nice second home and give half to my two daughters.’

It’s fair to say people were in a giving mood as they thought about what they’d do if they got their hands on the cash.

Avril Beeson

THE winning ticket was bought in the borough of Havant and has the code PLUM 8136.

It was part of the Lotto Millionaire Raffle on May 4, which created two millionaires – and the winner has until October 31 this year to claim their prize.

For every Lotto line played, players automatically receive a Lotto Millionaire Raffle code printed on their ticket.

A Lotto spokesman said: ‘This amazing prize could really make a huge difference to somebody’s life. We’re urging everyone who bought a Lotto ticket in this area to check their old tickets again or look anywhere a missing ticket could be hiding. Try checking in the pockets of clothing, in wallets, bags and down the back of the sofa – someone out there could literally be sitting on a fortune!’

Anyone who has any queries or who believes they have the winning ticket can call the National Lottery Line on 0844 338 7551 or email [email protected]