Meet the 10-year-old from Fareham who’s started her own textile business 

Angelina Murphy with her sewing machine
Angelina Murphy with her sewing machine

MERMAID tails, leggings and a Caribbean style dress are just some of the creations of a 10-year-old for her new textiles business.

 Angelina Murphy from Fareham has started her own business, Angel Threads, after discovering her love for sewing almost a year ago.

She said: ‘My auntie introduced me to it and I’ve been sewing ever since. I like being able to create things and use my imagination.

‘My favourite thing I have made so far is my mermaid tail and a dress I made for my schools Caribbean day.’

Angelina plans to be a fashion designer when she grows up and plans to study fashion design at college.

She said: ‘I love art and making things and I find maths and English a little bit difficult at school so sewing helps me because I have found something I am good at.

‘I really want to be a fashion designer.’

The 10-year-old is hoping to improve her skills she has learnt so far.

Angelina added: ‘I would like to be able to sew more clothes. So far I have made a skirt and some leggings and hope to design and sew more clothes as I want to be able to sell my creations to others.’

Mum Hannah is proud of her daughter’s dreams and achievements.

The 33-year-old said: ‘I am so proud of Angelina and so happy that she has found something that she is passionate about.

‘She struggles at school with academic subjects and she has always been a creative child so this is the perfect outlet for her creativity.’

The mum-of-three was astounded at her daughter’s skill.

She said: ‘I was amazed by the mermaid tail she made recently from an old blanket and also a skirt which she made herself.

‘I have never been able to sew myself so to watch her using a sewing machine and stitching everything so intricately amazes me.’

Hannah, who owns a hula hooping school for adults and children, added: ‘ So many children seem to spend a lot of time being on gadgets like phones and tablets these days. It is so important that children have an outlet where they can use their imaginations and grow their creativity.’