Everything you need to know about Gosport baby death verdict so far 

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The jury has returned its verdict in the trial of a mum and her ex-partner accused of causing or allowing the death of a Gosport baby. 

Roxanne Davis, 30, and Samuel Davies, 24, were convicted by the seven men and five women at Winchester Crown Court today (November 28) after a five week trial. 

Roxanne Davis

Roxanne Davis

The pair will return to court next week for sentencing. 

Baby Stanley Davis died aged just 24 days in March 2017 after suffering a fractured skull and a brain haemorrhage. 

Here’s what you need to know about today's verdict

Jury find pair guilty 

A MUM and her ex-boyfriend’s desperate attempts to blame each other for the ‘brutal’ death of their baby after inflicting ‘catastrophic’ injuries were rejected after both were found guilty at court.

Sinister duo Roxanne Davis, 30, and Samuel Davies, 24, were both deemed responsible for the chilling death of new born baby Stanley during their stormy relationship. 

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Footage shows police arriving at pair’s flat before Stanley's death

THIS is the moment police were first called to the home where a newborn baby was so savagely beaten he later died.

Innocent Stanley Davis died after having his skull fractured and was just 24 days old at the time. 

Now, police have released body-worn camera footage of officers attending their former home in Forton Road, Gosport just days before Stanley was fatally wounded.

Watch that footage here

Prosecutors release statement after the verdict

The CPS said evidence made it clear Roxanne Davis and Samuel Davies were responsible for the ‘harrowing’ death of Stanley Davis.

Carl Anderson, of the CPS, added: ‘Our thoughts are with the members of Stanley’s extended family who have lost a child in such harrowing circumstances.’

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Detective says infant’s injuries were ‘truly shocking’

A senior detective who investigated the horrific death of baby Stanley Davis has said: ‘No child should have to suffer in the way that he did.' 

She said: ‘Today’s verdicts bring to a close this very sad investigation involving Stanley’s mother and her partner at the time of the offence.

‘The extent of Stanley’s injuries at such a young age were truly shocking, no child should have to suffer in the way that he did. Stanley was found to have sustained 32 fractures to his ribs, nine fractures to the bones in his arms and legs, and an 8cm skull fracture which was the fatal injury’ 

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This is the maximum sentence in jail Roxanne Davis and Samuel Davies are facing 

A mum and her ex-partner are facing over a decade in prison each after being convicted over the death of baby Stanley. 

Baby Stanley Davis mother Roxanne Davis, 30, and her ex-partner Samuel Davies, 24, were found guilty of causing or allowing the death of a baby. 

The crime carries a maximum sentence of 14 years. 

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