Sir Elton John rings Havant teenager to praise him for inspirational viral video

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WHEN schoolboy Lewis Hine was approaching his 16th birthday, he decided to make a video to mark the occasion.

The teenager spent much of his childhood in and out of hospital after being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Lewis Hine.''Picture: Sarah Standing

Lewis Hine.''Picture: Sarah Standing

But little did he expect the post would go viral, with seven million people having already watched it.

And to top it off, music legend Elston John rang him at home to tell the youngster how inspirational he though he was.

Speaking to BBC Radio Solent, Lewis said: ‘The video was just to show that being disabled is not a bad thing, and should not stop you wanting to do things in life.

‘We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from people all over the world saying really kind things about me about me and my project, and how much of a great person I am.’

Last year Lewis won the Hero of the Year Award at The News Youth Awards. Picture: Sarah Standing.

Last year Lewis won the Hero of the Year Award at The News Youth Awards. Picture: Sarah Standing.

Since he was a child Lewis has suffered regular epileptic seizures.

In the video he tells viewers how he was diagnosed with a brain tumour at 17 months, and had to have more than a dozen operations to stay alive.

Lewis’ mum Emma told The News: ‘We said that we would try to get a few thousand views, but then it went viral.

‘Everyone at Lewis’ school has been so excited about it.’

Of the call from Sir Elton, Emma said: ‘He phoned up to talk to Lewis from LA. He said he was inspired and in tears after seeing the video.

‘He said he had to track down Lewis and tell him how amazing he was.’

In 2015 Lewis launched his own project, Friend Finder, which aims to make sure every young person has a friend.

He is currently raising funds for his first Friend Finder Prom to help people who missed their own school prom through illness or disability.

For more information go to Lewis’ Facebook page.