Coroner says fresh inquest is possible for nurse Jeanette Amey if new evidence comes to light

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THE senior coroner conducting the inquest into Jeanette Amey’s death said despite several possibilities he could not rule either way.

Giving his conclusion, coroner David Horsley said while it was clear what the date, time and medical cause of her death were, ‘the (other) facts are not as clear’.

Jeanette Amey

Jeanette Amey

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He said: ‘I have no alternative but to record an open conclusion. The evidence before me is not sufficient to reach any other conclusion.’

But he said an inquest conclusion can be changed if ‘fresh evidence’ comes to light.

Mr Horsley considered if the delay in medical treatment at the Hospiten Bàvaro Punta Cana contributed to her death after hearing it was ‘unacceptable’ and that despite being told she had gastroenteritis, medics should have discovered her ruptured spleen much sooner.

David Amey

David Amey

But he said the delay it was ‘unlikely on the balance of probabilities that... the delay was wholly contributory to her death’.

Mr Horsley said the cause of the injuries would ‘very unlikely’ be due ‘to having collapsed on the floor’.

He said: ‘There are other possibilities about how she sustained her injuries, they could have occurred with a blow, a heavy blow, a kick or very heavy punch.’

But he said: ‘I don’t believe the evidence is sufficient for me to say that.’

Coroner David Horsley

Coroner David Horsley

He considered evidence Jeanette fell in an accident but said: ‘I can’t say the death was due to an accident.’