Mysterious smell wafts over Portsmouth

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Residents in Portsmouth have taken to social media to complain about a strange smell wafting across the city.

Portsmouth City Council received a complaint this morning about the stench, which was smelt in Winter Road and Fawcett Road.

A council spokeswoman said it was believed the smell could have been pig manure, but had now dissipated.

Facebook user Jane Long posted on the Portsmouth Politics group: ‘There is a very strong and sickening smell of something like freshly laid dung,but worse,in parts of Portsmouth.

‘Am in the process of calling PCC environmental health dept. Anyone else smell it??’

Another user, Sarah Cheverton, said: ‘I was on Winter Road at 8am this morning and it was very, er, ripe...’

Possible explanations for the unwelcome stench included fertiliser and the sea air.