Student claims she was ‘turned away’ from medical tent at Mutiny Festival

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A CLAIMED lack of water at Mutiny caused dehydrated revellers to collapse in exhaustion, one festivalgoer said.

Holly Lockhart said she was turned away by Mutiny Festival’s medical tent after falling ill on Saturday.

Mutiny Festival

Mutiny Festival

The 20-year-old university student, from Winchester, said: ‘The water taps had queues so long that people couldn’t possibly queue for that long in the heat and the taps themselves began to run out. People were standing there for over 10 minutes each just to get a bit of water.’

Festival organisers said they had monitored queues and there were 21 taps on site.

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‘Some of the stands selling water sold out and my biggest concern was the amount of people outside the medical tent, including myself, asking for water as they claimed they were giving it out. They would refuse and turn us away,’ Holly said.

Water was on sale at a number of the bars.

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But Holly said: ‘I think after witnessing people falling ill and the horrific deaths, it’s really put me off going back.’

- Report by Tamara Hough