Swim adventurer heads to city in record bid

Ross Edgley, who is swimming around the country Picture: Red Bull Media House
Ross Edgley, who is swimming around the country Picture: Red Bull Media House

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A SWIMMER is making his way to Portsmouth’s coast in a challenge of epic proportions,

Ross Edgley is an adventurer athlete and expert in the fitness industry who plans to swim the distance of 3,200km across 100 days without setting foot on land.

The Great British Swim started in Margate on Friday, June 1 and is scheduled to end up under the landmark of London’s Tower Bridge.

Ross, 32, is attempting to complete a huge 30-50km swim a day and will stop only on a support boat where he will eat, sleep and then wait for the right time to dive in again.

At the weekend he was swimming by Eastbourne heading west.

Apart from swimming further than the English Channel every day for 100 days and consuming over 1.5m calories, Ross will have to battle stinging jellyfish, endure freezing-cold waters.

Following Ross on board his support boat are a team of oceanographers collecting water samples all around the British coastline to aid research on the state of our environment.

‘Without question, this is the toughest thing I have ever done, but at the same time it’s also the most unique and exciting.’ Ross said.

Ross has completed competition such as the world’s longest rope climbed the hight of the Everest in under 24 hours and marathon with a 1,400kg Mini Countryman behind him.