Here's how many fines have been handed out for breaching lockdown rules across the UK

Since 23 March, the UK has been under some form of lockdown.

Whether we've been told to 'Stay At Home' or 'Stay Alert', new rules and restrictions have been placed on our everyday lives making them harder to live than ever.

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And that's not to mention some of the confusing Government messaging we've seen in recent days.

In an effort to enforce these rules, laws have been drafted up, and fines imposed on those flouting quarantine measures.

How many fines have been issued?

But even in the face of punitive financial complications, it seems some of us can't follow the rules.

The total number of fines issued by police forces in England and Wales between March 27 and May 11 for alleged breaches of the coronavirus lockdown laws have been released.

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The most number of offences came from the London Metropolitan area, while outside the capital, the most flouters can be found in North Yorkshire.

Warwickshire is the best behaved county, with only 31 fines issues within the time frame.

  • Avon and Somerset: 300
  • Bedfordshire: 292
  • British Transport Police (BTP): 307
  • Cambridgeshire: 120
  • Cheshire: 166
  • City of London: 64
  • Cleveland: 280
  • Cumbria: 269
  • Derbyshire: 219
  • Devon and Cornwall: 799
  • Dorset: 383
  • Durham: 137
  • Essex: 165
  • Gloucestershire: 238
  • Greater Manchester: 263
  • Hampshire: 244
  • Hertfordshire: 243
  • Humberside: 103
  • Kent: 117
  • Lancashire: 736
  • Leicestershire: 334
  • Lincolnshire: 194
  • Merseyside: 438
  • Metropolitan: 906
  • MoD Police: 27
  • Norfolk: 320
  • North Yorkshire: 843
  • Northamptonshire: 347
  • Northumbria: 206
  • Nottinghamshire: 158
  • South Yorkshire: 356
  • Staffordshire: 52
  • Suffolk: 246
  • Surrey: 539
  • Sussex: 655
  • Thames Valley: 866
  • Warwickshire: 31
  • West Mercia: 150
  • West Midlands: 405
  • West Yorkshire: 758
  • Wiltshire: 169

Total: 13,445

Number of fines issued by police forces in Wales in the same timeframe:

  • BTP: 11
  • Dyfed-Powys: 417
  • Gwent: 71
  • North Wales: 143
  • South Wales: 157

Total: 799

How much are fines?

For those who breach lockdown regulation for the first time, fines recently rose from the previous £60 to £100.

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Payment of the fixed penalty notice within 14 days will reduce the sum to £50, which is up £20 from the previous £30 charge.

However, the maximum for repeat offenders is now £3,200.

Boris Johnson said on 10 May, “You must obey the rules on social distancing and to enforce those rules we will increase the fines for the small minority who break them.”

In what situations can people be fined?

In a new document published on 11 May to clarify the updated lockdown rules, the government states it is “examining more stringent enforcement measures for non-compliance, as it has seen in many other countries.

The document says: “The Government will impose higher fines to reflect the increased risk to others of breaking the rules as people are returning to work and school. The Government will seek to make clearer to the public what is and is not allowed.”

The changes announced by Boris Johnson only apply to England. The three other nations may choose to alter their own regulations in a similar way, but have not yet done so.