Mind Motivation: Get summer slim with TV’s Steve Miller

Wednesday, 15th May 2019, 7:51 am
Updated Thursday, 23rd May 2019, 4:59 pm
Steve Miller used to weigh 15 and a half stone, but lost four and a half stone and has now managed to keep trim for over a decade

TV’s Steve Miller, renowned weight loss expert, is helping our readers to shed the pounds this summer with his FATnosis advice, and this week looks at Mind Motivation.

If you are like most, then I bet deep down you know what you should eat to be slimmer, but struggle with self motivation and willpower. Well, fear not, because I am going to give you a large helping of motivational support.

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Get summer slim with TV's Steve Miller and inspire others with your story

Now, what’s important is that you have two sets of motivators - some that are a bit finger wagging, and some that are feel good. Your motivation needs to be a bit 'carrot and stick', because you need support that both motivates you away from being too fat, but also pulls you towards being slim.

I recommend you balance both styles of motivation, and here’s a few tips to help get you going.

3 motivational carrots

First, hang up an item of clothing that you desperately want to wear. Look at it, touch it and even occasionally try it on to notice how close you are to it fitting perfectly. Eat your meals in front of it to encourage you to manage your portions, and look at it first thing in a morning and last thing at night.

Secondly, make a list of three actions you will take once the weight is lost. If possible let me know what these are because we can use them to provide a motivational focus. Visit this list every day and let it remind you of how life is becoming so much more positive now that you are losing the weight.

Thirdly, check out the health benefits of losing weight. For example, if the doctor has told you that your heart is at risk because you are too fat, make sure that you frequently look online at the benefits you are bringing to your heart and to your life by slimming down.

3 motivational sticks

Right, it is time for a bit of tough love, FATnosis style. Here come your motivational finger wags.

Steve runs a hypnotherapy weight loss business called ‘Fatnosis’ (Photo: Michael Robert Williams Photography)

First, carry around a dreaded photo of yourself looking too fat. As you look at it, allow it to remind you that you are leaving a life of fat and taking positive action to slim down. Also when you go out to eat, pull out the photo and take a look at it so that you are encouraged to order the healthy option on the menu.

Secondly look around at the habits of fat people. Of course, don’t judge the person. Instead, judge their habits. Observe their choice of food, the speed at which it is eaten, and how slow they walk. As you observe them, mentally delight in knowing that you are successfully free from these fat habits - and that you being fat is now history.

Finally, have a mindset conversation of your very own. Remind yourself of the awful consequences of being too fat. That might include health consequences and the negative impact on your confidence.

Once you have done that, finish off by smiling and mentally championing your mind to continue living the new healthy way.

More motivational support for you

Make sure that you check out my videos, Facebook Live Feeds and pop over to my FATnosis Facebook page to let me know how well you are doing.

This is about you and I being action driven, excuse free, and consistently positive about you living life slimmer. Yes, I want you healthier, more confident and more able to do the things in life you don’t do right now because you are overweight.

Don’t forget that I am also searching for my FATnosis role models so keep taking the action and maybe you and I will soon be celebrating together. Yes, you are too gorgeous to be fat!

For more straight talking, weight loss expert tips and advice with heart and humour, visit Steve's web site at yourweightlossmaster.co.uk