New charges for EE customers as network brings back EU roaming fees

EE has brought back EU roaming charges for calls and data (Photo: Adobe)EE has brought back EU roaming charges for calls and data (Photo: Adobe)
EE has brought back EU roaming charges for calls and data (Photo: Adobe)

EE customers will now face daily charges for using data and making calls while on holiday in Europe.

The mobile network provider has reintroduced its EU roaming fees, which will cost £2 per day when visiting certain countries.

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The roaming charges were originally meant to be reinstated from January this year, but this was delayed until 3 March.

The change comes following the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Under EU rules, mobile firms were banned from charging extra fees for calls, texts and data while holidaying in Europe, but this now no longer applies.

Who will the roaming fees affect?

The roaming charges will affect EE customers who joined the network or upgraded after 7 July 2021.

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Customers on specific roaming tariffs, such as EE’s “Smart” and “Full Works” deals, will not face the new fees.

Those who are existing EE customers will not be charged roaming fees until they sign up to a new deal, or renew their existing contract.

Are other networks also charging?

Other mobile providers are also bringing back EU roaming charges this year.

Three will reintroduce roaming fees from 23 May at a charge of £2 per day for all calls and texts in certain EU countries.

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The charges will affect customers who joined Three after 1 October 2021.

Vodafone brought back the fees in January, again at a cost of £2 per day. This applies to all customers who joined the network after August 11 2021, or upgraded or renewed their contract.

Both EE and Vodafone are offering alternatives to avoid the fee, with EE customers able to buy a 30-day Roam Abroad Pass for £10 and Vodafone users able to pay £1 a day for an eight or 15-day multipass.

It is also possible to cut the costs abroad by using Wi-Fi where this is available.

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Virgin Media O2 phone users will not face roaming charges this year after other networks announced the extra fee.

Customers on these networks will maintain their inclusive roaming in the region, meaning they can travel and use their data, calls and texts just as they would in the UK.

However, O2 has changed its “fair use” policy which caps the amount of your UK data allowance customers can use for free while roaming in Europe.

Mobile firms were allowed to set fair usage caps before Brexit, and this is separate to flat-fee roaming charges.

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From 2 August, O2 customers who use more than 25GB of data a month in Europe will be charged £3.50 per GB for any extra data used.

Which countries will roaming charges apply?

EE customers will face roaming charges in the following EU countries:

- Austria- Azores- Belgium- Bulgaria- Croatia- Cyprus- Czech Republic- Denmark- Estonia- Finland- France- French Guiana Guyana- Germany- Gibraltar- Greece- Guadeloupe- Guernsey- Hungary- Iceland- Ireland- Isle of Man- Italy- Jersey- Latvia- Liechtenstein- Lithuania- Luxembourg- Malta- Martinique- Mayotte- Monaco- Netherlands- Norway- Poland- Portugal (including Madeira)- Reunion Islands- Romania- San Marino- Saint Barthelemy- Slovakia- Slovenia- Spain (including Canary Islands)- Sweden- Switzerland