This is what to do if you own a recalled Hotpoint or Indesit washing machine

This is what to do if you have a recalled washing machine (Photo: Shutterstock)This is what to do if you have a recalled washing machine (Photo: Shutterstock)
This is what to do if you have a recalled washing machine (Photo: Shutterstock)

With news that recalled and potentially dangerous Whirlpool washing machines won’t be fixed or replaced until after Christmas, some households might find themselves stuck over the festive period.

This is the advice that Whirlpool has to offer.

Can I still use my Whirlpool washing machine?

If you have a Hotpoint or Indesit washing machine that has been recalled, Whirlpool (owner of the two brands) says that it should be unplugged immediately and it should not be used until it has been repaired by a trained engineer, or replaced.

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However, it has been revealed that the repair or replacement process will not begin until early January 2020 at the earliest, leaving households without the use of a washing machine over the Christmas period.

Despite saying that recalled machines should be unplugged and not used, Whirlpool has stated that owners can still technically wash clothes using their machines - but only if it’s on a cold cycle of 20C or less. A cold cycle reduces the risk of danger, as the heating element that causes a fault will not be activated.

Jeff Noel, vice president of Whirlpool, said, “We know this will cause some concern. We especially understand that the washing machine is so important to family life, and in the Christmas holiday season it will be even more of an important matter and, for that, we apologise.”

At this time, Whirlpool is refusing to offer refunds to affected customers who might be looking to use the money to replace their faulty washing machines with another brand.

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How do I know if my appliance is affected?

Whirlpool has created an online model checker website to allow customers to see if their washing machine is included in the recall, but at the time of publication (Wed 18 December), this website is unavailable.

“We are very sorry that we continue to experience technical problems with our registration website and deeply apologise for the delay and concern this has caused,” the error page for the website says.

Customers can instead call the Whirlpool helpline where a member of the team will be able to assist you with checking whether your washing machine is affected by the recall:

UK call centre number: 0800 316 1442Republic of Ireland call centre number: 0818 903 281

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Alternatively, you can see the full list of recalled washing machines here.

How to wash clothes without a washing machine

If your washing machine has been affected by the recall, but you don’t feel comfortable using your machine due to the potential risk, this is how to wash your clothes without the aid of a washing machine, according to WikiHow:

Separate white and coloured clothing, as well as any delicate clothing such as wool, cashmere, silk and lacePut the clothes you’re going to wash in a large, clean container. Alternatively, put them in a clean sink or bathtub. The less full the container, the easier it will be to wash the clothesTreat any serious stains with pre-wash stain remover or soap and let it sit for at least five minutes before continuingFill your container of clothes with lukewarm water and add laundry detergentLet the clothing soak for at least 20 minutes or up to an hourMove the clothes around in the water, but try not to scrub or twist it, as this could damage your clothing. Do this for a few minutes, or until the clothing is cleanEmpty the water from your container and refill it with cool water. Move the clothes around again. Empty the container and repeat this process until no suds are visible when the clothing is moved around or pressedWring out the clothing and hang it up to dry

This article originally appeared on our sister site Edinburgh Evening News