NOSTALGIA: Sunday afternoon in the park on Portsmouth's northern '˜seafront'

Hilsea Lido and its associated landscaped pleasure gardens of old, always strike a chord with many of you.

Sunday, 7th January 2018, 8:00 pm

My recent stories here connected to the 1930s’ picture, below, sparked many memories, and a bit of a coincidence.

For just a few days before I first ran the picture of the popular gardens, Mike Fooks obtained a few old postcards of Southsea which included the one above.

He says: ‘This one had me foxed until I registered the old Southdown bus depot in the background. It complements the one you published in last Thursday’s paper.

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‘The northern edge of the terrace in your original picture can just be seen in the bottom right of my picture. It makes me wonder how the photographer got so high. I guess the date of the picture is the early 1930s because of the clothes,’ adds Mike.

Also in response to last week’s feature I was contacted by a couple of readers who clearly remember being taken as children to ride on the miniature railway which once ran around the site.

I thought we might have pictures of it in our archives, but I can’t find them.

Do any of you have some I could use on these pages?

And to end today, there’s a lovely picture of steam at Portsmouth & Southsea station.