THIS WEEK IN 1970: Camber docks to lose its '˜colour'

Wednesday, 17th January 2018, 6:00 am
Cargo vessels and a waterside pub - the Camber had all the stand-and-star fascination of a small port

After March, the spicy aroma of fruit and vegetables, and the touch of Mediterranean colour they brought to the drab quayside, would be off the menu.

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Up the harbour at Flathouse Quay, work was well advanced on the 14,000 square-foot sheds which would be housing the imports that were discharged at the Camber.

Spanish produce, including oranges, would be the first Flathouse bill of fare, while the workaday Camber began its transformation to its new role as a small boat harbour.

The move to new facilities was part of the city’s plan to keep the commercial docks abreast of the booming continental trade – for which Portsmouth would be in a vital geographical position if Britain joined the Common Market.