THIS WEEK IN 1970: Rats, rubbish and rubble bring misery to Portsea residents

Every morning when William Carrick pulled back the curtains at his home in Beck Street, Portsea '“ an area which had gained a '˜slum' tag '“ he was greeted by the sight of foot-long rats scuttling around his back yard.Â

Friday, 17th August 2018, 12:31 pm
Updated Sunday, 2nd September 2018, 10:08 pm
Mr and Mrs Carrick with their children, pictured behind rubble that has accumulated on waste ground outside their flat at Beck Street, Portsea.

The rat menace was only one of the hazards facing William, and his fellow residents, who are unhappy about the conditions of the land around their block of flats. 

Behind the building, a pile of rubble gets bigger every day as the council lorries roll up with their load. 

'˜It is an absolute disgrace to the city and a terrible place to bring up children,' said William, a father-of-two. 

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'˜In addition to this problem,' said William, '˜youths from a nearby club have taken to using bricks and mortar for street battles.'

But out of this sordid scene came a ray of sunshine.

An Assistant Medical Officer, Doctor Gazidis promised that the matter would be reported to the city's health inspector and the Cleansing Department. 

He said: '˜My reaction when I visited was that this area was shocking.

'˜Action will definitely be taken... I shall personally make sure of that.'