Eisner: I will change Pompey board make-up

POMPEY'S prospective owner has admitted he does not see fan representation on his club board.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 12th April 2017, 8:27 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 7:04 pm

The Blues’ current nine-man board consists of three members of Pompey Supporters’ Trust, in addition to David Willan, one of the club’s presidents.

They join Iain McInnes, Mark Catlin, Mike Dyer, Chris Moth and John Kirk.

But Michael Eisner instead wants to introduce a heritage board for representatives to sit on.

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He said: ‘I intend to invest a significant amount of money beyond the acquisition price, on Fratton Park, on the Academy, on the pitch, and if and when we get to the Championship, significant becomes substantial.

‘If I am going to do all of that, I’m going to have to be able to make the important decisions.

‘We haven’t really worked out the legalised make-up of the board, but we are going to create a heritage share, which has rights to protect Portsmouth.

‘It won’t be ownership in the economic way, or voting kind of way, it will be heritage ownership where we have a board with three members on it from the Trust and three members from the presidents, and we will meet four times a year formally so they can advise and critique what we are doing.

‘We are also going to give the heritage board a veto. This relates to the club’s colours, the name of the club, and that we won’t move Fratton Park further than 15 miles from the centre of the city, things like that.

‘There is also no plan to change the name of Fratton Park either.

‘Portsmouth’s heritage is its strength, so I wouldn’t be so stupid or arrogant as to change that.

‘I didn’t change the heritage of Disney, I inherited a fantastic brand and modernised it.

‘You would be pretty stupid not to listen to the fans. I want to hear what they think is wrong with the stadium, what they think is wrong with the food. Reasonable advice is reasonable advice.’

Initially, Eisner planned to visit Fratton Park for the Good Friday fixture with Plymouth, however, logistically it could not be arranged.

Now he has pencilled in the season finale against Cheltenham on May 6.

He added: ‘Our plan is to come over for the last game and, on the Thursday before, meet the shareholders to answer questions, explain the strategy and explain the deal.

‘I plan to communicate with shareholders and fans while acquiring the club – and I plan to continue doing that for as long as we own the club.

‘Information and conversation is the best antidote to anxiety. Communication will be a major part and I think Mark Catlin does communicate very well.

‘There will be no secrets, this is not a spy-friendly organisation trying to keep information away from Russia! We are very happy to have everybody know whatever is appropriate.

‘Obviously we are not going to put our financials out every day, we are not going to do inappropriate communication.’