Like father, like son as Bradbury pair see red

It was a gloomy atmosphere in the Bradbury household on Saturday evening.

Tuesday, 24th January 2017, 5:00 pm
Pompey Academy striker Harvey Bradbury

After all, both father and son had that day been dismissed in their respective football matches.

Hawks boss Lee Bradbury was sent to the stands during the second half of the 3-1 defeat to Needham Market.

The referee adjudged the former Pompey striker had entered the field of play during attempts to retrieve the ball.

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It appeared Bradbury had actually tackled Needham’s Kemal Izzet, leaving the opposition skipper on the floor.

The manager was subsequently sent to the Westleigh Park stands, with assistant Shaun Gale instead carrying out touchline duties.

As for son Harvey, he saw red for Pompey’s Academy at Plymouth in a midday kick-off.

The striker had earlier netted his 12th goal of the season for Mikey Harris’ side, yet was shown a second yellow card late on.

The Blues had already lost Eddie Wakley to a red card during the first half and went on to lose the contest 3-2.

And Bradbury senior reflected on a miserable weekend.

He said: ‘Harvey still lives with me, he’s only just turned 18.

‘So you could say it wasn’t a very nice night at home on Saturday – or Sunday.

‘Harvey was sent off in the 85th minute following two yellow cards in a match he also scored in.

‘As for me, Kemal Izzet rolled on the floor and got me off, he used his experience to be fair.

‘As if I am going to come on to the pitch and tackle people, it’s ridiculous.

‘That is not my job, it’s my central midfield and defence’s job to put the tackles in!

‘A free-kick had been given but Izzet ran away with the ball, pretending he didn’t hear the referee’s whistle, so I stepped on to the pitch to pass the ball to their player.

‘Izzet realised what I was doing so nicked the ball at the last second as I swung my leg and I ended up kicking him.

‘The referee afterwards told me “I know exactly what happened, but you stepped on to the field of play and had to go off”.

‘He could tell by my demeanour that I didn’t do it on purpose, I was hardly ranting and raving, I was calm.

‘I stepped on to the pitch so no matter what I have done I am guilty as charged, as they say.

‘And, unfortunately, the incident wasn’t captured by our video camera, so I can’t show that in my defence.’