Former Sheffield United, Tottenham and QPR academy players some of the trialists Gosport Borough boss Shaun Gale will cast an eye over in Baffins Milton Rovers friendly

Manager Shaun Gale will run the rule over a number of trialists released from professional clubs in Gosport Borough's friendly with Baffins Milton Rovers on Saturday.

By Lewis Mason
Friday, 7th May 2021, 10:33 am
Updated Friday, 7th May 2021, 10:48 am
Gosport Borough boss Shaun Gale
Gosport Borough boss Shaun Gale

The Boro team will be a mix of youngsters hoping to be invited back for pre-season training and some of the club's under-23s as they host the Wessex League Premier Division side.

Gale, who will be watching from the Privett Park stands with centre of excellence coaches Scott Green and Pat Suraci taking charge, says it'll provide him with the perfect opportunity to have a closer look at the prospects.

The selection of around 10 triallists includes players who have spent time in the Tottenham and Sheffield United academies and another who has just been released from QPR’s youth ranks.

Most of the young guns who will feature come on the recommendation of agents.

Gale said: ‘I’ve seen two of them play in a game but the others I haven’t seen before.

‘I’m taking a risk you could say because I’m going on agents’ say-so but a couple of these lads, not all of them, but some of them have been at pro clubs.

‘I’m looking at which ones I can take - all of them if they’re good enough - in pre-season so that’ll be the next stage.

‘Some will get filtered through the under-23s but there are some interesting ones in there.

‘I won’t say too much, some lads have come out of good pro clubs and been released by good pro clubs last year.

‘There’s a lad who’s come out of QPR, out of Sheffield United, one lad who was at Tottenham as a kid but that was probably three years ago.

'There’s loads of kids out there and it’s a shame, some of these kids - I don’t believe - get the right grounding when they leave pro clubs.

‘They don’t get help and they fall by the wayside when they shouldn’t.

‘You’d hope to maybe pick up one or two diamonds and you think they could be good for Gosport Borough Football Club.’

Gale added: ‘I wouldn’t judge them all on one game but I think you do get an idea of players and people from playing in a game.

‘With lockdown it’s been difficult for people so I get some will be a bit rusty, but I’ve already seen two of them in a game who I like and they’re coming back to play again.

‘I’m not going to be worrying about the result and things like that, it’s a fixture that serves a purpose for being able to run the rule over some players.’