Halford happy to stay on penalties

Greg Halford has cheekily told Liam Lawrence: I'm happy to stay on penalty duty.

The Blues defender calmly slotted home his third successful spot-kick for the club in Saturday’s 2-1 win over Coventry in the absence of the injured captain.

Lawrence missed his only penalty of the season against Brighton back in August but Halford now has an unblemished record of five out of five in professional football.

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And while Lawrence may not be quite ready to hand over the responsibility, Halford is willing and eager if the skipper ever decides he’s had enough.

Halford smiled: ‘Liam’s the captain so it’s down to him but I’ve got three out of three if you include last season!

‘I scored one at Norwich away, then against West Ham this season and on Saturday against Coventry.

‘I haven’t missed one in my professional career yet and I’ve scored five out of five.

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‘I used to take them for the England under-21s, so I’m happy to stand in for Liam while he’s out injured.

‘But, ultimately, it’s down to him.’

Halford also revealed a discussion on successful penalties with Blues keeper Jamie Ashdown had convinced him to go straight down the middle with his latest success.

Halford explained: ‘I had it in my mind that I was going straight down the middle.

‘I was speaking to Jamie Ashdown before the game and he said: “Out of 100 penalties, how many times do you think a keeper stays down the middle?

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‘I said “five?” and he replied: “If that”. That kind of made my mind up.’

While there is always the risk of looking rather stupid if the keeper stays where he is, Halford insists he has a few more tricks up his sleeve to use in different situations.

‘At West Ham, I went for a bit more power against an England goalkeeper and wanted to just smash that one in the bottom corner,’ he said.

‘I didn’t know how long was left in that game and there was a bit more pressure.

‘I don’t want to give all my secrets away but I’ve got a few different ones to use.’