Hope it works out well for grafter... Ronan will shine for Pompey

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By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 3rd January 2018, 3:57 pm
Updated Wednesday, 3rd January 2018, 4:01 pm
Curtis Main. Picture: Joe Pepler
Curtis Main. Picture: Joe Pepler

Curtis Main always tried is best, however that can’t hide the fact he is just not that good - Patrick Squires

Curtis was always committed but possibly not good enough. Wish him well - Lorraine Wells

Good luck Curtis, it just never worked out for him. Sure he can do a decent job somewhere. A good grafter - Chris Quinell

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He looks a decent player and always tried his best. Probably best for all that he gets a fresh start and hopefully leaves his injuries behind him - Ian Sands

From a Wolves fan I can tell you that Ronan is a fabulous little player despite being smaller than the average mascot! Totally ran the game at St Mary’s when he came on at half time in the Carabao Cup earlier this season. Look after him - Nigel Jelliffe

A shame for him that his time at Pompey was blighted by injury as before he was injured he looked a good player. Hopefully he will have some success up in bonny Scotland - Karl Hodgkins

As Harry Redknapp used to say, we are down to the bare bones. Hopefully these two will give us some breathing space with Tariq-Holmes nowhere close to a return and McCrory going back to Burton this month - Andrew Perry

I’d rather we continued developing our own midfield talent rather than bringing in other teams’ kids. Surely an experienced midfielder in would be better? - Jason Butcher

This is where you hope that we have a good scouting system in place and we have been pro-active in having realistic targets in place to improve the squad for such occasions. PUP - Andy Reading

In my eyes Danny Rose has been the most important player for us this season.

When you think of the the results while he had been dropped (for no real good reason) and since he’s been back just show how influential he has been.

Just think where we would be if he had been in the team all season? It’s so important now to find a good replacement for the time he’s out - Teresa Moor