Pompey Diary: Amorous couples and lost not found

On occasions it takes great professionalism and admirable concentration to perform work duties in the midst of Pompey's training campaign.

Friday, 8th July 2016, 1:45 pm
Updated Friday, 8th July 2016, 2:47 pm
An audience gathers for Jordan Cross' interview with Curtis Main

Thankfully, the expertise continues to shine through – often in the face of potential provocation.

For instance, the pesky Conor Chaplin at a loose end is a dangerous proposition.

While Brandon Haunstrup was conducting his maiden interview with The News, Chaplin decided to hide behind a nearby statue in an attempt to distract.

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Fortunately, the annoying pest was eventually moved on by ever-suffering room-mate Ben Close.

Then there was Dan Smith, from the club’s media department, working hard in the Johnstown House Hotel foyer.

Curiously, on the opposite sofa were a senior couple indulging in some rather amorous affection!

The lady was sat in the man’s lap while running her hands through his hair – and he rubbed her feet.

Most admirable of all, however, was Jordan Cross conducting an interview with Curtis Main.

The arrival of a coach-load of chattering Asian tourists did their best to disrupt, gathering around the pair and displaying absolutely no concept of personal space.

Ever the pros, the pair carried on regardless.

However, Jordan was forced to act when he found his seat snatched after nipping to the toilet!

It prompted a withering look from the intruder, who had clearly taken a liking to Main.

n There has been a spate of absent-mindedness sweeping across the Pompey camp.

It began with Adam Barton misplacing his iPad and spread to one Pompey physio losing his lap-top.

Meanwhile, Pompey Player media guru Smith mislaid his laptop charger.

And Paul Cook still hasn’t returned the phone charger he borrowed off him two weeks ago.

On a happier note, Conor Chaplin has finally returned the iPhone charger he borrowed off Cross – three days later!