Pompey fans react to Adams' comments

Plymouth boss Derek AdamsPlymouth boss Derek Adams
Plymouth boss Derek Adams
Pompey fans have taken to their keyboards to respond to Plymouth boss Derek Adams' summary of Saturday's game.

The victory was well-deserved for Kenny Jackett's side, with the hosts also hitting the post and Pompey keeper Luke McGee reduced to a spectator.

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But according to Pilgrims boss Adams, there was nothing to choose between the two sides in the League One encounter.

‘There was no way that Portsmouth were better than us. Not a hope in this world,' he said.

Unsurprisingly, it's a view not shared among the Fratton faithful.

And in response, many have taken to our Facebook page to rebuke the Plymouth manager's opinion.

Here's a selection of posts received...

King Carp Coti

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What game did he see? No wonder theyare bottom of the league if that’s his version ... first 45 it was training ground stuff for Pompey ... Plymouth were rubbish.

Ant Coombes

Such a shame he's turned into such a sour man.

Was a big fan of his during his spells as player and manager of my Scottish team (Ross County) but his delusional attitude is doing him no favours.

Christopher Elston

Always comes out and says the same thing when we beat him.

We scored they didn't, we were the better team. Simple.

Ross Withers

Someone needs to ask him if he wants some chips and vinegar with that salt...

Gareth Eddington

If that’s how he assesses his team’s performances, I’m not surprised they’re bottom of the pile.

Gary Magee

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Sour grapes! Still can’t get over the fact that we beat them to the title last year. Sad man!

Ed Watson

Ha ha, what was he watching.

Their keeper and the post kept it from being 3 or 4 nil. Bad loser.

Dave Birch

Comments of a manager trying to save his job!

Antony Davies

Such poor judgement might be why they're bottom of the league!

Allen Frank

Give that man a soft drink to neutralise the salt...