Pompey Trust seek approval for community facility '˜legacy'

Pompey Supporters' Trust logoPompey Supporters' Trust logo
Pompey Supporters' Trust logo
The Pompey Supporters' Trust are to unveil a sporting facility vision designed to serve as their legacy.

The group currently have at least £170,000 in their coffers following the August 2017 sale of shares in the club to Tornante.

That figure could still increase, with 400 shareholders still to declare how they would like another £466,000 to be distributed.

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In the meantime, the Trust are working with Pompey in the Community over the possibility of launching a new facility in the city.

The scheme would provide a permanent venue for the staging of community coaching courses, building on Clare Martin and her team’s excellent ongoing work.

Trust members can have their say on the suggestion at an open meeting on Thursday, February 15.

And chairman Simon Colebrook is hopeful the concept will be approved.

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He said: ‘We would like to start the process of what we do with the Trust’s own money.

‘The board’s number one idea is working with Pompey in the Community to create a proper legacy, rather than us having money sitting in a bank account.

‘Let’s do something meaningful with it to benefit the community.

‘What we wish to do is identify somewhere within the city and acquire a facility, working with Clare (Martin) to develop it into a permanent sports facility which she can use for the community.

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‘Pompey in the Community will decide exactly how it will be developed, but it will give them somewhere inside to carry out their coaching courses.

‘This project can give our shareholders something to have a sense of pride about, their legacy from the sale of the club.

‘We will consult our members at next week’s meeting, along with other ideas about what can be done with our pot of money.’

According to latest Trust figures, share sale proceeds reached £2.75m, of which £100,000 was owned outright by the Trust.

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Of the remaining £2.65m, there has been £2.027m refunded, £57,000 donated to Pompey in the Community, £30,000 to Pompey History Society and £49,000 in membership or donations to the Trust.

In addition, £21,000 worth of shares have been kept in the Trust, with another £466,000 still to be allocated.

The Trust open meeting is for members only and takes place in the Victory Lounge on February 15, from 7pm.