Portsmouth chief: We're happy with Fratton Park blueprint progress

Andy Redman has revealed Pompey's owners are '˜no closer' to unveiling their Fratton Park vision.

Friday, 26th October 2018, 5:44 pm
Updated Friday, 26th October 2018, 6:50 pm
Pompey director Andy Redman confident in stadium progress. Picture: Joe Pepler

However, Tornante's president is adamant the Blues hierarchy remain pleased with continuing progress on the long-standing issue.

Pompey's American-based owners last weekend returned to south-coast for a brief trip to England.

As part of their stay, chairman Michael Eisner and board members Redman and Eric Eisner attended day-long meetings with architects in London.

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Eisner senior subsequently tweeted a photograph of the Friday gathering, with chief executive Mark Catlin and chief operating officer Tony Brown also pictured.

The Fratton faithful still await to learn firm details of Tornante's stadium blueprint following 14 months of ownership.

Redman, however, insists work is progressing.

He told The News: '˜That photograph was very straightforward. We had a full-day meeting on that Friday and like to let people know we don't just ask for hard work out of the players. We also don't just ask for hard work out of our executives '“ we put in the hard work as well.

Pompey director Andy Redman confident in stadium progress. Picture: Joe Pepler

'˜That was just Michael letting people know that he's into it.

'˜Frankly, fans expect that based on what we have said previously, but I guess it's always good to see a little example of it, just like you can see the example of the hard work the players put in.

'˜The results of some of the work we are doing with architectural firms was contained in Michael's tweet.

'˜That meeting was in London and it is fairly public that a number of big architectural firms are in London. It's convenient to have very large meetings evaluating a lot of different elements of stadium design.

'˜In terms of an announcement that will please people, we are no closer. We are also no further. With all the things we are doing, it's putting one foot in front of the other.

'˜People are interested where the end goal is, but we can't tell people that. We have to be very careful because too many things have to happen between here and that end goal before we can really tell people.

'˜I will say this '“ our group internally is quite happy with the progress we are making and quite happy for the plans this summer.

'˜We believe that everybody coming back to watch the club play next year will say 'Yep, I see the progress again'.'

In addition to work carried out at Fratton Park, last summer saw the introduction of a Nike-branded club shop in Anson Road.

A new scoreboard was also constructed for the season's start, located on the roof of the Milton End.

And, according to Redman, more improvements are planned.

He added: '˜We certainly don't want to frustrate people, but I think this is an area they will get less information than they might have hoped they would.

'˜Mark (Catlin) will tell people stuff when he is prepared to.

'˜It's progressing, absolutely. We are being very thorough and, again, I would point out things we did last year. We currently believe people who go into the new store are really happy with how thorough we are.

'˜Instead of doing 10 things okay, we did two or three things really, really well in our opinion.

'˜That is what we are going to try to continue to do. I hope that it's enough to please people.'