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This is where Portsmouth would have finished in League One before season suspension - according to BBC experts

With League One looking increasingly unlikely to be played to a completion, focus has turned to how promotion and relegation will be decided.

The EFL are keen to see an unweighted points-per-game model adopted, but a number of clubs have expressed their displeasure at this suggestion.

And now, the University of Reading – in conjunction with the BBC – have offered an alternative view on how the table would have finished had the campaign not been suspended.

Professor James Reade and Dr Carl Singleton have used the same methods they use to forecast inflation or GDP to predict the results for League One's remaining matches.

They factor in league form and historic records to predict the number of goals a side will score in each given fixture and the percentage chance that a team will win that fixture. Those results are then carried forward to accurately reflect form as the artificial season continues. The model is simulated 10,000 times to get a percentage probability of where a club would have finished.

It’s a very mathematical approach, but what would it mean for Portsmouth? Scroll and click through the pages to see where the Blues would finish: