Gaffer: Milan Mandaric and Iain McInnes wouldn't have stood by and let this happen to Portsmouth. It was spineless against Northampton

Gaffer for a Day, Martin Fish, aged 48, from Brighton, delivers his verdict on Pompey’s 4-1 defeat at Northampton...

Sunday, 7th March 2021, 5:30 pm

Take a breath, Martin.

After the dire Donny performance, I genuinely thought Pompey couldn't be worse than that. Boy was I wrong.

My 15-year-old son, Floyd, summed up the first half perfectly: "That is the worst performance I've seen by a Pompey team."

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I actually tried to resign from my post as Gaffer for the Day after the Donny game as I feared something like this, but never in my wildest nightmares did I think it would be this bad.

Kenny Jackett has been outwitted by three caretaker managers in the past month. Now it's time for him to resign before our season ends.

Ah yes, Kenny Jackett’s future.

I would have got rid of him a couple of weeks ago.

Gaffer for the Day, Martin Fish, from Brighton, believes Milan Mandaric and Iain McInnes would have already resolved the future of Kenny Jackett. Picture: Dennis Goodwin/ProSportsImages

What would Milan Mandaric have done? He wouldn’t have put up with that. Nor Iain McInnes, look at his sacking of Guy Whittingham, who I absolutely love.

For weeks now the performances have been so bad – let’s take the bull by the horns and do something about it. That’s enough.

The automatics have gone now, yet we’re not going to make the play-offs in this form. Something has to be done.

Did anyone impress you in the game?

I've given man of the match to my sausage baguette.

My wife is a chef and makes the best in the country, with mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato. No ketchup, though. That cheered me up.

I thought George Byers was playing okay early on, while Marcus Harness was dreadful in the first half, then transformed when the substitutes came on.

This bunch look to me as if they’re not playing for the manager. How else can you compare the latest performances with the side flying at the top of the table around Christmas?

How low are you at the moment?

Kenny and the owners are lucky the fans aren't allowed in the grounds. There would have been uproar, such as AFC Wimbledon away. Fans would have been on the pitch.

That performance was pedestrian, lacking in any intensity or passion and, quite frankly, spineless.

The only way we were going to score was through a penalty, and even then Harrison almost missed it. Even the Northampton social media was saying the Pompey players "weren't bothering".

When it went in, I didn’t celebrate. Nor against Donny. The life has been sucked out of the side, it’s passionless, there is no fight, no spine.

I’ve been watching Pompey since the late 1970s and seen some terrible times, but I cannot recall seeing such a pathetic performance going through the motions.

Craig MacGillivray - 2

Jack Whatmough - 4

Sean Raggett - 1

Rasmus Nicolaisen - 3

Lee Brown - 1

Tom Naylor - 2

Andy Cannon - 3

George Byers - 3

Ronan Curtis - 2

Marcus Harness - 1

John Marquis - 1

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