It’s b******* and EFL looks Mickey Mouse to the world - Portsmouth rival and Peterborough owner rips into league

Peterborough owner Darragh MacAnthony has slammed the EFL’s leadership and handling of how the football season will be decided.

Saturday, 6th June 2020, 8:58 am
Updated Saturday, 6th June 2020, 8:59 am
Peterborough owner Darragh MacAnthony

MacAnthony believes the league looks a mess to the rest of the world with the League One season looking likely to be curtailed at next Tuesday’s key vote among clubs.

The Irishman has criticised what he believes is dithering on the governing body’s part and the manner in which they’ve put the onus on members to come up with answers.

That’s led to the impasse the third tier currently finds itself in as the saga has dragged on.

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Speaking in his Football Club Chairman - Hard Truth podcast, MacAnthony said: ‘What I don’t understand is when we stopped playing in March and were told there’d be a date to resume training and finish the season, I was told that verbally it was the plan all along.

‘I don’t understand how we get to a stage where we’re not going to finish the season, f*** it we have to come up with another way of doing it. Let’s go down this points per game nonsense.

‘We were told this and it changed. The EFL had enough time to get their s*** in gear and their act together

‘The Premier League is back, the Championship is back and the health department has said “let’s get the show on”.

‘We’ve got the testing paid for, it’s £130,000 and we’ve secured a deal, we’ve got the funding - let’s do it.

‘Let’s be professional and finish the leagues. We want your a**** back in training on May 25, the first game is June 20 and we’d done a deal with Sky.

‘It all needed to be put in place. If I’m running that organisation that’s how I lead.

‘I’m telling clubs that's what we’re doing. To put it back on clubs, do you want to play or not play? Do you want the play-offs?

‘It’s the biggest load of b******* you’ve heard in your life.’

MacAnthony pointed out that sports across the world are restarting at all levels as people begin to see a path forward through the coronavirus pandemic.

Yet, the EFL look set to curtail two of the three leagues under their stewardship.

MacAnthony added: ‘We’re one of the most professional leagues in the world. We’re revered and admired from the outside.

‘That admiration has gone out of the window because right now we look Mickey Mouse.

‘How do we look right now to the outside world? The third division in Germany is playing.

‘The youth nines and 10s are back training. My daughter’s back in her volleyball tournament.

‘And I own a professional football club with players worth millions of pounds and players who can’t train, play football or finish the season.

‘You tell me how that looks to the rest of the world?’