Mark Catlin gives frank assessment on Portsmouth's stance over Kenny Jackett's future

Mark Catlin has insisted Pompey’s board have no plans to review Kenny Jackett’s future as boss.

Sunday, 8th September 2019, 12:00 pm
Updated Sunday, 8th September 2019, 5:23 pm
From left to right: Pompey boss Kenny Jackett, chairman Michael Eisner and chief executive Mark Catlin. Picture: Joe Pepler
From left to right: Pompey boss Kenny Jackett, chairman Michael Eisner and chief executive Mark Catlin. Picture: Joe Pepler

The Blues' chief executive stressed both he and chairman Michael Eisner are more than happy with the job the manager’s doing.

Pompey’s stuttered start to the League One campaign has led to sections of supporters on social media calling for Jackett to be relieved of his duties.

The Blues have picked up five points from a possible 15, winning once, drawing twice and losing two matches.

Catlin, however, poured cold water on any motion the boss is under any sort of pressure.

The CEO pinpointed how Eisner declared he wanted sustainability when he addressed Trust shareholders in Portsmouth Guildhall ahead of 81.4 per cent of the club’s equity holding agreeing to the sale.

Catlin also highlighted Jackett’s win ratio and league finishes during his two campaigns in the hot seat underline progress is being made.

Speaking in his August update with Pompey’s media department, Catlin said: ‘It seems to be a hot topic out there on social media at the moment.

‘Honestly, I’ve not had one discussion with Michael about the future of Kenny.

‘I don’t even know how it is even on the radar.

‘If you go back to Michael’s speech at the Guildhall two years-plus ago, he said we’d run the club with self-sustainability.

‘There wouldn’t be crazy money being thrown at the playing side. He said he’d invest heavily off the pitch, which he’s doing.

‘If you want a crazy owner that’ll come in, get the club back into financial difficulty and throwing money willy-nilly at players that's not sustainable, he said don't vote for me.

‘In that regard, 100 per cent he has stuck to his word.

‘Another key point is he said he wouldn't be a chairman that sacks their managers willy-nilly.

‘He said we’d get a manager in, support him, give him a contract and expect it to be honoured and stick by a manager through thick and thin.

‘On the back of two losses, people on social media want us to review Kenny Jackett’s future.

‘That's their opinion – and they’re entitled to their opinion. Our opinion is we’re going to stay true to our word.

‘Since 1904, Kenny has the highest win percentage of any manager we’ve ever had.

‘He finished eighth in his first year, fourth in his second, arguably lost two of our best players this summer and we're in the middle of rebuilding the team.

‘We have lost a couple, that’s a fact as well.

‘But is he anywhere near a spectrum of even being under review? No.’

Catlin also declared he won't let the minority sway his opinion on the job Jackett is doing.

He added: ‘On a match-day and emails and such I get, people say don’t listen to social media, it’s a very small minority.

‘All clubs and businesses have to be careful you don’t let the tail wag the dog.

‘On the back of 14,500 season tickets which we had to put a cap on, selling out for almost every game, everything is going up and up.

‘If people are dissatisfied then we’re not seeing it as a business and all I can deal in are the facts.’