‘Pompey players wore their shirts out of pride…respect for the players that still turned up' - Fans react to former Portsmouth defender Greg Halford’s Bolton tweet

Greg Halford. Picture: Steve Reid (121306-1291)Greg Halford. Picture: Steve Reid (121306-1291)
Greg Halford. Picture: Steve Reid (121306-1291)
Pompey fans have responded en masse to Greg Halford’s tweet regarding Bolton’s player strike.

The Trotters’ scheduled Championship clash against Brentford on Saturday was called off, with the team refusing to take to the pitch because of unpaid wages.

They have since been ordered to play their remaining two league fixtures by the EFL.

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But the decision not to feature against the Bees was one that got former Blues defender Halford thinking.

He made 77 appearances across a two-season stay at Fratton Park, after initially joining on loan from Wolves in October 2010.

During that time, Pompey were placed into administration for the second time in three years.

And in a tweet, Halford asked how Blues supporters would have felt had he and his PO4 team-mates gone on strike back?

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The defender, currently at Aberdeen after being linked with a move back to Pompey, posted on social media: ‘Quick question for #Pompey fans.

‘What would u have thought, if us the players refused to play, back when we were in administration and not getting paid.

‘If any #bolton fans see this, let me know what u think as well.’

As is to be expected, Blues fans weren’t shy in responding to Halford’s tweet.

Here’s a selection of the opinions expressed...

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@CxllumHxrms - If I’m honest Greg, most of the Pompey players wore their shirts out of pride and was respected by the back office team and the fans. Yes, it was hard times and we got through it, I hope Bolton does too! #PlayUpPompey  

@jayr1972 - I think a lot of you approached it as best you could under the circumstances. Kitson and Ben-Haim however...

@clarky06101992 - It’s a difficult situation because I think most would agree that in any other profession,you’d walk out if you weren’t getting paid for the job you do. Tough on the fans but probably the correct thing to do  

@daddy2harriet - I am of the opinion... if you don't get paid .. don't work.. simple. I fully back the players, feel for the fans though. The leagues need to step up and start protecting clubs from dodgy owners or ones who talk the talk and cannot walk the walk. #Pompey  

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@carlofooty - I’d say the fans must come first..so play the games! Surely most professional footballers in premier and championship can afford to live without a wage for at least a few weeks?  

@Han_Solo - I don't think anyone would have blamed you, but there will always be respect for the players that still turned up and put in a shift for the team.  

@rik_may - I would have been disappointed we always felt our players understood the problems and played on anyway regardless  

@JamieAaronBirch - Would have been fuming, hate the thought of players not being paid, however to boycott a game is completely unacceptable  

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@JamesMiddleton1 - Very tough question, it's a dream job but still should be paid, that's what contracts are for. I wouldn't work for free and wouldn't expect a footballer to unless stated in the contract. 

@ChrisDodd12 - I’d have backed you all the way. People saying it’s not right how #Bolton players refusing to play. - Presumably the same people who would all work for free if their company failed to pay their wages. Players still have mortgages to pay.  

@lewischadwick92 - Fully support the players on this. Enough is enough. False promises, minimal communication and coming up to 2 months with no pay.