Portsmouth stalwart Barry Harris responds to fears for his well-being after horror fall at Coventry

Barry Harris assured Pompey fans all is well after spilling blood for the ball-fetching cause.

Wednesday, 12th February 2020, 10:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 12th February 2020, 10:44 am
Barry Harris was given 12 stitches in a gash in his head at St Andrew's.
Barry Harris was given 12 stitches in a gash in his head at St Andrew's.

The Blues stalwart has eased concerns over his well-being after he was given 12 stitches in a horror gash in his head during last night’s 1-0 defeat to Coventry.

Harris picked up the injury as he lost his footing when retrieving a ball during the first half of last night’s clash at St Andrew’s.

The veteran kit assistant sparked fears among the Pompey players and staff on the bench when he fell to the ground, as Steve Seddon waited for the ball to be returned for a throw-in.

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Physio Bobby Bacic went to Harris’ aid as the blood flowed from the large wound on the top of his head.

A total of 1,526 Pompey fans made the trip to the Midlands for the game and those who witnessed the incident were left concerned for Harris.

But the popular lifelong Blues fan played down the moment after he was patched up.

Such was Harris’ resolve he was quickly back to his kit and ball duties after the loss and was able to make some quips at his own expense.

He said: ‘I got a bang on my head but I’ll be fine.

‘What happened was I went to get the ball and the seats are quite close together.

‘I’ve gone down to pick the ball up and my foot got caught so I went flying and hit the other seat.

‘It’s not something I’ve ever done before and I don’t want to do it again either.

‘But I’ll be fine. It’ll take a lot more than a bang on the head to stop me, that’s for sure!

'If it was somewhere apart from my head it might have hurt me!'