Portsmouth waiting game as they wait on Rotherham permission to play postponed fixture

Pompey chief executive Mark Catlin
Pompey chief executive Mark Catlin
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Pompey chief executive Mark Catlin has admitted no date has yet been agreed for the postponed Rotherham game.

The League One fixture was originally scheduled to be played on Saturday, August 24, at Fratton Park.

However, the decision was taken to move it because the city was already hosting Victorious Festival the same weekend.

The Blues’  home match against Southend was also called off earlier this season because of international commitments.

Yet a date has already been confirmed for it, with the Shrimpers visiting PO4 on Tuesday, November 5.

Catlin confirmed he’s has attempted to get a date in the diary.

However, he stressed Rotherham had yet to agree to anything suggested.

Speaking to Pompey's Youtube channel, Catlin said: 'We've suggested dates to Rotherham. 

‘As current as this morning (Friday) we were back on the phone to Rotherham again, but we have to get permission from them and get permission from the EFL as well, but it's not been easy for one reason or another.

'But I did chase it up this morning and say "Look, where are we?" because supporters need to know when the game is to start making plans.

'But I don't have an exact date at the moment.

‘Currently, where we stand is we have given dates to Rotherham, they're saying they're going to check it with their manager and come back to us and it's been like that for quite a while now.

'We can't dictate it, we have to get permission from Rotherham.’