Ranked: How Portsmouth's pre-season results compare to their League One rivals

Pompey rounded off their pre-season campaign on Tuesday - but how do their results compare to their Championship rivals?

Thursday, 1st August 2019, 7:00 pm
Portsmouth players in pre-season

*Includes publicised behind closed doors friendlies. Here, using the usual key of three points for a win, one point for a draw and zero for a defeat, we rank every second-tier club's pre-season record in order to give us a rough idea of how the Blues’ promotion rivals are shaping up ahead of this weekend's big kick-off. Scroll and click through the pages: 

P5 W0 D1 L4 GD-12 = 1 point
P5 W1 D1 L3 GD-3 = 4 points

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P6 W2 D0 L2 GD-5 = 6 points
P4 W2 D0 L2 GD0 = 6 points
P6 W1 D3 L2 GD+1 = 6 points
P5 W2 D1 L2 GD-4 = 7 points
P5 W2 D1 L2 GD=3 = 7 points
P6 W2 D2 L2 GD+1 = 8 points
P6 W2 D2 L2 GD+2 = 8 points
P7 W2 D3 L2 GD-4 = 9 points
P7 W2 D3 L0 GD-1 = 9 points
P5 W3 D0 L2 GD+1 = 9 points
P5 W2 D3 L0 GD+1 = 9 points
P5 W2 D3 L0 GD+6 = 9 points
P6 W3 D0 L3 GD+3 = 9 points
P10 W3 D1 L6 GD-4 = 10 points
P7 W3 D1 L3 GD+2 = 10 points
P6 W3 D2 L1 GD+11 = 11 points
P9 W3 D3 L3 GD-4 = 12 points
P6 W4 D1 L1 GD-4 = 13 points
P7 W4 D1 L2 GD+15 = 13 points
P5 W4 D1 L0 GD+14 = 13 points
P8 W4 D2 L2 GD+9 = 14 points
P9 W7 D1 L1 GD+21 = 22 points