Revealed: The proposals on EFL table for Portsmouth as Tranmere, Barnsley, Lincoln, Stevenage and Ipswich get ready to state case

The big vote to decide the fate of the League One season will take place on Tuesday.

Thursday, 4th June 2020, 2:25 pm
Updated Friday, 5th June 2020, 1:08 pm

And on the table when clubs from all divisions meet next Tuesday will be a string of proposals and amendments to decide how the campaign will play out.

The EFL will also forward their views with their preferred and stated intention to see the divisions out on the pitch.

Their other way ahead at present is curtailing the season and deciding positions on an unweighted points per game formula.

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Here are what other clubs from across the 71 EFL members are arguing for.


Tranmere are forwarding a modified points per game proposal which allows for a margin for error. This does so by calculating position on points per game and applying an average margin of error from the past three years (+6.3 or -5.45 per cent). Top teams should then be promoted, any sides in range of the play-offs take part in a tournament and either no relegation or relegation of sides still in the drop zone when the margin for error is applied. This would see Tranmere survive in League One.


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Barnsley are proposing that no clubs should be relegated if fixtures are not completed in the traditional fashion. The league are understood to be in favour of keeping promotion and relegation systems in place with the proposal unlikely to gain impetus.


Lincoln have made suggestions based around weighting the points per game system in the face of the season being curtailed. Chief executive Liam Scully has stated one of their comments was centred on Bolton’s 12-point deduction. Scully pointed out the EFL PPG calculation does not factor in their points earned on the pitch, which he deemed ‘illogical’.


League Two Stevenage are arguing for an amendment which will see no teams relegated from the fourth tier. The EFL’s current unweighted points per game table would see relegation and promotion applied - Stevenage finish bottom of League Two in that scenario.


Ipswich are forwarding an amendment around how the play-off format would unfold in League One. They would look like to see a straight 10-team tournament with three teams gaining promotion. The Tractor Boys currently sit 10th in the table.


Peterborough owner Darragh MacAnthony has been a strong advocate of finishing the season on the pitch, but feels the EFL are keen to curtail the season in League One and League Two. MacAnthony has advocated an extended eight-team play-off which was backed by Sunderland, In recent days the Irishman has backed Tranmere’s proposal which factors in an extended play-off competition. Peterborough miss out on the play-offs in the face of unweighted points per game being applied to the League One table.