There's only one way to enjoy following Pompey this season - and even that could be tricky

What is it they say? Have low expectations and you won’t be disappointed.

Thursday, 30th September 2021, 9:10 pm
Sean Raggett celebrates his late equaliser against Plymouth / Picture: Robin Jones

I have come to the conclusion this might be the way ahead with Pompey, at least as far as this season is concerned.

Let’s face it, few of us were predicting before 21-22 began that Pompey would win promotion – and few of us are thinking it now, even if the three straight wins we started with got us excited for a week or so.

I was sitting in the north lower last Tuesday thoroughly enjoying the Plymouth game – and then the Pilgrims went and tried to spoil it by scoring two goals. But do you know what? I was still enjoying it, even when we were losing.

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Clearly I was fortunate to be there Tuesday and not the previous Saturday for what was by all accounts a woeful showing against Cambridge, but I thought Pompey were excellent in that midweek game, full of heart and fire. And could Mahlon Romeo turn out to be the find of the campaign?

Sean Raggett’s late equaliser (which was the first Pompey goal I’d seen live at the Fratton End since February 2020) felt to me like a winner and I went home happy, and thinking that if every game I get to this season is like that I’ll be perfectly content.

Needless to say, this Tuesday's poor showing at Burton - followed by Saturday's surrender of two out of the three points at Charlton in a game we really should have won (neither of which were games I went to) - have tested my theory to the limit. There are times, it seems, when Pompey prove that even low expectations are a bit much for them.

But in summary, I don’t think we’re going up and I’m pretty certain we’re not going down so I think I’m just going to enjoy the ride, whatever peaks and troughs it serves up. Anyone with me?


John Milkins got the nod to join in this week’s Twitter vote to find your most-loved Pompey goalkeeper.

After a lot of support for him as the wildcard in the quarter-finals, the Brylcreem Boy lines up alongside Ernie Butler, Norman Uprichard, Alan Knight, Aaron Flahavan, Shaka Hislop, David James and CraigMacGillivray.

Voting has begun - follow me (@stevebone1) on Twitter right now to get involved!