'Time to think about supporters...shirts are big revenue earners' - Portsmouth fans debate release of new shirts on annual basis

Pompey fans have been debating the frequency of new shirts as the Blues prepare to reveal the design of their 2019-20 home and away kits.

Thursday, 13th June 2019, 12:23 pm
Updated Thursday, 13th June 2019, 1:21 pm
Pompey's away shirt for the 2018-19 season Picture: Portsmouth FC

The Fratton Park outfit are still to announce the exact date of the big reveal.

But after chief executive Mark Catlin explained why fans weren’t consulted over the latest Nike-designed strips, supporters have taken to social media to discuss the merits of new kits on an annual basis.

The Blues have introduced new home and away shirts every summer since the start of the 2005-06 season – a common practice among English clubs – with third kits announced since the start of the 2007-08 campaign.

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Pompey's away shirt for the 2018-19 season Picture: Portsmouth FC

The latest represents the 15th consecutive term that has happened, with Pompey having five kit manufacturers in that time.

Some fans see a new kit every season as a legitimate way to generate extra revenue for the club.

Others, though, believe it’s too much to ask of supporters.

Here’s a selection of the opinions expressed by fans on our Facebook page Portsmouth FC – The News...

Jezz Baker: Time the club thinks of its supporters. Either change only 1 shirt out of the 3 every year or keep all shirts for 2 years.

The supporters should be more important than Nike.

Richard Price: To all those saying a new shirt every year. Yes it is to make money.

The club is a business. It makes the club a lot of money which goes back into the club.

If you cut off this revenue then you have less money for players and stadium upgrades etc.

Steve Smethurst: I think all clubs in every league should release new shirts every 2 years, I know they got to make money but a lot of people can't afford to pay £50 EVERY season.

Nick Stevens:  The club can do pretty much as they wish. They are a business who intend to make money, revenue from shirts is a BIG revenue earner.

Tom Phyall: I can’t wait for the new kit to be revealed, it’s £50 once a year. You spend that on one night out, easy, hurry up with it!!!

Wayne Outram: In the MLS teams are only allowed to change one kit per season, I wish they’d bring that in here, also I found the whole fans voting for kits thing pointless, no matter what the kit is someone will always find something to moan about, it’s the Pompey fan way! 

John Seymour: I am appalled Pompey. I'm sure the club assured supporters it was a new home kit every two years.

When shirts alone are £45 for a nine year old that's a disgrace.

I won't be getting him another one this year.

How sad when after living in Asia previously I know exactly how much they cost to make and get to the shops.

Michael Stephenson: I maybe be wrong here but wasn't there an agreement that new shirts would be introduced bi-annually with season tickets increases likewise?